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Jose Carlos Cuevas Albadalejo

Python Analyst
Since I got in contact with programming, around year '92, learning BASIC on an old Atari 800XL by myself, I've been always interested in computers and making them do what I think they can do.

I'm a naturally inclined person to problem solving and I'm always up for doing anything interesting, that allows me to learn new tricks and information, or discover anything new. I'm also a very social person, who works very well on teams and strives to create comfortable ambients in them.

I've been working as a systems admin, under Windows or Linux, as web programmer (although design isn't my ground there), I've created GUI applications for Windows and Linux desktops with Windows native interfaces and GTK GUI library, I've programmed systems and servers and managed and used PostGres, MySQL and Oracle databases, along with MongoDB. You could say I'm pretty "all-terrain".

I'm always up for Free (as in freedom) Sofware and I'm a long time Linux user at home, where I tend to do some personal experiments.
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